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A Silent Piano is a normal acoustic piano fitted with a system that makes it possible to play the piano at anytime of the day or night without disturbing anyone, including people living in close proximity like your neighbours.

The system is equipped with sensors underneath the keyboard and pedals. When the piano is switch to silent mode, the hammers are blocked by a rail. The movement of the keys are detected by the sensors underneath and is converted into a MIDI signal, allowing the piano to be used like a digital piano and listen using a set of headphones without effecting the touch or response.

In addition, the Silent Piano works via MIDI sockets can also be connected to a computer, audio equipment and external MIDI equipment.

Why GENIO Premium?
Anytime practice without bothering others
Easy to change real acoustic or silent function piano by simply lever operation
Various sounds with real acoustic piano
Record your performance and monitor it yourself
General MIDI compatible
Practice in tempo with metronome function
Sophisticated feature adds to traditional touch and sound
Retrofit to any kind of acoustic upright piano, used or new


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