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Five advantages of Hailun Pianos

1. Five-Axis machining is used throughout the production process. Hailun adopted the Japanese high-tech method to ensure all components in the pianos are accurately machined.

2. In addition to using Five-Axis machining on the production line, Hailun incorporated this technology on the assembly line to ensure precision in manufacturing.

3. T-shaped metal reinforcement bar to ensure the shape of the key bed will never change or warp.

4. The sound of Hailun piano is always stable and easy to tune. This is due to the 20 years experience in creating piano parts utilizing special European processing technology to create tuning pins fitted in high-quality pin blocks.

5. The creation of automatic spring pressing machine to press the strings automatically for reducing the strings elasticity and increase tuning stability.

Five-Axis CNC is a machine custom-designed to produced high quality spruce soundboards, rib attachment process, pin-block drilling, and tuning pins installation. The drill head is from Germany Renner.

Use of these high-tech devices ensures consistent accuracy throughout Hailun pianos' construction.
This is what truly differentiates Hailun pianos from the other Chinese piano manufacturers.


TM Soundboard
Highest grade Siberian spruce (AAA), prized for its tight grain structure

17-18 plies of hard rock maple from Siberia

Hand notched maple

Iron Plate
Wet-sand-cast plate

Inner & Outer Rims (Grand)
Constructed of Maple & Basswood

Röslau from Germany
Mapes from USA

Hammer Heads
AAA maple from Siberia
Hammer felt from Japan (Upright)
Hammer felt from Germany (Grand)

PERFORMANCE PLUS action design

Keys / Key Tops
Hainsworth English Felt
Japanese Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)

*Specifications are subject to change with or without prior notice.


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