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Hailun HL121 and Yamaha LU90

Hailun HL121 - Top quality piano brand coming from China today. Designed by a team of International Piano Designers from the United States, Austria, Japan and France. Using materials from Germany, Japan, Siberia and the United States which commonly found in top piano manufacturers in Europe

Yamaha LU90 - One of the popular brandname in the market, assembled Indonesia



Hailun HL121 - Height: 122cm X Width: 151.5cm X Depth: 60.5cm

Yamaha LU90 - Height: 109cm X Width: 148cm X Depth: 53.5cm


Piano string length known as speaking length
A very important part of piano scale design - longer string promotes richer and more powerful tone

Hailun HL121 - The longest bass string is 120cm. This promote better singing tone and powerful bass

Yamaha LU90 - The longest bass string is 110cm. This promote thin sound and weak in the bass


Action and Hammer
Underfelt is designed to provide an amount of compression outwards to keep the hammer in shape and ensure it rebounds when it hits the strings

Hailun HL121 - Full-sized Direct-Blow action type for better control and speed. All-wood action design and German/Japanese hammers with underfelt for durability and promotes better tone quality and power

Yamaha LU90 - Compressed-sized Direct-Blow action type and Japanese hammers with no underfelt. The parts of the action are smaller and meet greater angles and not optimized for good leverage. This results in more friction and wears as well as slow down the ability to repeat notes quickly as compare to the taller Yamaha models


Straight uniform grain contributes to greater stiffness and better tone amplification

Hailun HL121 - Tapered Siberian solid spruce 'Grade A', very straight and uniform grain and light in colour

Yamaha LU90 - Layered low grade spruce and dark in colour. Different grade of spruce compare to the other Yamaha models


Bridge and Strings

Hailun HL121 - Maple treble and bass bridge, individually notched. German Röslau wires

Yamaha LU90 - Maple treble and bass bridge. Japanese wires



Hailun HL121 - 17-18 plies of hard rock maple from Siberia

Yamaha LU90 - Hard maple pinblock



Hailun HL121 - Brand new with 10 years FACTORY warranty

Yamaha LU90 - Brand new with 6 years FACTORY warranty


Conclusion and Price

Hailun HL121 - Taller than Yamaha LU90 (+13cm). Longer string length (+10cm) and larger soundboard area. Hailun HL121 promotes better resonance with powerful bass and better control and ability to repeat notes quickly. 88 keys with 3 pedals with 4 pcs of twin-caster rollers).

Yamaha LU90 - Lack of sustain power and weak in tone because of short speaking length and small soundboard area. Poor control due to the compressed action parts, not comparable to the other taller Yamaha models. 88 keys with 3 pedal, no casters (rollers).


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