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Advantages of the construction and materials used in the PETROF 173 Breeze Grand Piano
Grand piano P 210 PASATRim

  • PETROF original

  • The inner rim laminated with 9 layers of solid beech and birch lamellas and is CNC machined for high accuracy

  • The outer rim is sandwiched from solid alder core and outer HDF lamellas with veneer

  • The inside facing is veneered horizontally with Ebony Makassar

  • The total rim thickness is 5.8mm

The solid rim ensures long term tuning stability and action regulation stability. A firm CNC machined rim supports the proper crown of the soundboard, which produces the precious PETROF tone. Rare Ebony wood on the inner face of the rim gives the noble appearance that is deserving of a PETROF grand piano

Frame posts

  • The PETROF frame consists of 3 longitudinal spruce post

  • The joints of the posts and rim are dovetailed (fish tailed) and doweled with beech hardwood dowels. The entire wooden frame is CNC machined to insure an accurate fit to support the corn of the soundboard

The firm frame with solid posts provides a high form stability of the frame, tuning and regulation stability


  • PETROF original

  • Made with a solid beech core, an outer layer of alder, a Gabon counter veneer, and an outer decorative veneer

  • The front legs are 625 mm in length

Strong leg construction ensures high piano stability when being played dynamically. The legs are proportioned adequately to the size of piano

Iron plate

  • Iron plate is produced in the Czech Republic

  • The iron plate is made from gray cast iron, wet sand cast, and hand finished; then it is CNC machined for exact strings length

  • Each plate is finished in the new dynamic gold colour

CNC machining ensures high accuracy of string scaling and accurate fit to each piano. Our new plate color enhances the beauty and noble look of the PETROF grand piano

Hardware fittings

  • Petrof original

  • Solid polished brass, lacquered and stain resistant

All the hardware fittings are maintenance free


  • The pin block is made from special Multiplex type compressed beech plywood with a density 800-850 kg/m3, laminated using very strong moisture resistant laminate glues

The pinblock is highly resistance to climate changes, providing stable torque of tuning pins and high tuning stability


  • PETROF original

  • The soundboard is made from European spruce. It has a spheric crown and is shaped into wedge block. Thickness 9 mm in the center, tapered to 7 mm (in bass and front part)

Traditionally shaped sound board gives high acoustic performance in all frequencies of the whole range. Its construction greatly contributes to generating the typical tone of PETROF grand pianos.


  • PETROF original.

  • The ribs are made from selected fine European spruce

  • They are symmetrically circular shaped, the tips are machine fitted

  • The straight corner cross rib is produced from solid beech wood and is machined at "CNC machine"

Traditionally circular shaped ribs support the symmetric crown of the soundboard and conduce to the typical PETROF sound


  • PETROF original

  • Treble - solid beech, hornbeam cap, genuine ebony cap in high treble section

  • Bass - solid beech with a foot bridge

  • Bridges are blackened, machine notched and hand drilled for the pins

The ebony bridge cap is used to most efficiently transfer of high frequencies to the soundboard. The bridges design contributes to the wonderful European sound of the PETROF pianos


  • The Breeze has agraffes in the bass and middle section, capo V bar in treble and front and rear pre-tuned duplexes in high treble

  • PETROF utilizes laser positioning of its duplex bridges (frets)

  • The Breeze has double string hitching of plain strings

Using of agraffes and duplex scaling adds richness to the tonal colour of the piano

Strings & Tuning pins

  • The steel wire of treble strings and core wire of wrapped strings are made by Mapes USA and Röslau Germany

  • The copper wire for winding is made by Degen Germany

  • Longest bass string 1260 mm

  • Tuning pins are made from steel then nickel plated

Strings are made from string wire of top world quality. The tuning pins are of the highest quality, corrosion resistant and fully comparable to the best marks of grand pianos.

Hammer heads & Dampers

  • The PETROF utilizes hornbeam hammer shanks and Able or Renner hammers made in Germany with hornbeam or walnut moldings

  • The PETROF uses world top damper felts supplied by Laoureux from France

Abel and Renner hammers are one of the worlds best, made from very special hammer felt. These hammers enable PETROF to obtain a wide scale of tonal colour and power. Used French felt is a guarantee of the highest dampers quality.


  • PETROF original action

  • Wippen rail and hammer rail are made from aluminum profile

  • Action parts are made from Hornbeam

The PETROF grand action is generally rated as a fast, reliable, with good repetition. Special profiled aluminum action rails are very stale also in changing air humidity, they support regulation stability.


  • PETROF original design

  • PETROF keyboards are made from special selected tangential cut solid European spruce

  • White and black key stop are acrylics Polyplex from Sweden

  • The entire keyboard is individually balanced

PETROF keyboards belong among the top quality keyboards in the world. Polyplex tops provide a pleasant feeling when playing

Key Bed

  • PETROF construction, sandwiched spruce, between beech hardwood veneers

  • A beech hardwood insert is embedded in the spruce core in lyre and legs area

  • The key bed thickness is 47mm

  • The key bed is additionally reinforced by a strong solid wood rail on the bottom of the key bed

  • Key bed is CNC machined for a perfect fit and high accuracy

A reinforced key bed ensures high stability both in play and regulation, it provides a feeling of reliance allowing the pianists to perform to their full potential


  • 3 fully functional pedals made of solid polished brass

  • The middle pedal has sostenuto function

  • The lyre with pedal system is braced up with two steel attached braces to ensure stability when playing

Construction, materials and function of the pedals are comparable with that of other high-end grand pianos

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