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PNOmation3 TM
One of the Most Advanced Player Piano Systems on the market today

PNOmation 3


The music is on the system

• No iTunes, no weird programs, no transfers
• Music on demand - no waiting*
• The interface is wireless, not the music
• Signal interruption does not stop the music

The user interface is a web-based app

• Any Wi-Fi interface can be used
• No unsightly control box on your piano
• Interface easily adds new features

There are voice prompts

• Built-in voice cues guide and confirm what you are doing if you choose to use the IR remote

Adjustable control for better sound

• QRS systems can be adjusted to the individual dynamics of your piano
• Dynamic control of the release of the keys and pedals as well as the attack
• MIDI HD compatible and ready

Software updates are easy

• Software can be updated quickly and easily via USB port, SD or QRS network or audio**

Your investment retains its value

• Your player system should complement the lift of your piano. QRS offers backward and forward compatibility, ensuring that your piano's player technology stays as relevant today (and tomorrow) as it was when you purchased it

The PNOscan connection

• When you invest in an acoustic piano with PNOScan II technology along with your PNOmation player system, you open up a world of possibilities to learn, practice, record, compose and collaborate for everyone from the recreational player to the serious musician

Only QRS offers these cutting-edge patented and patent-pending technologies:

• QSync3 TM

You're not stuck, even with competitive systems

• For all MIDI-based systems that are digital and acoustic, QRS offers an upgrade kit that can be upgrade your outdated Yamaha, PianoDisc, or MIDI keyboard technology so you can enjoy the benefits that only QRS and PNOmation offer.

• QRS PNOmation 3 UPGRADE KIT is also available for outdated QRS Pianomation, PianoDisc, Disklavier, Concert Master, LX or 5Pin MIDI Compatible.

Complimentary Music Library

• Over 300+ (USD 1,000) of complimentary free songs.
• <Limited Period> Free access to the entire QRS Music Library for 90 days.

*Requires an active QRS Network account, coming soon
**Audio update capabilities, coming soon



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