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QRS Pianomation Engine

A. No Spring Required
Eliminates the potential for clicking. Eliminates variable plunger throw, thus allowing us to deliver and control the key for the exact expression required. Eliminates potential damage to the plunger when installing the action into the piano after service.

B. Plunger Throw Adjustment
A must for precision allocation of expression. Guaranteeing 128 levels of expression.

C. Solenoids
Fully encased solenoid with a unique metal alloy inner sleeve specially designed for Pianomation. Built to hold tolerances in the toughest of commercial applications and environments. Hence, no mechanical deformation or noise is possible, even in continuous nonstop operation.

D. Solenoid Plungers
Teflon impregnated plungers eliminate the potential for corrosion, are non-sticking, and self lubricating.

E. Felted Key-tail
Quiet strike and release. Eliminates the potential for worn out plunger tips and knocking sound.

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