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Upright Showroom, Kuala Lumpur
Grand Showroom, Kuala Lumpur
Upright Showroom, Petaling Jaya

 Grand Showroom, Petaling Jaya

In the 19th century, Hoe Fook Ling at the age of 12+, the only son of a Sundry Manager was sent to Japan to learn the art of piano making by his father. In 1920, F L Hoe decided to emigrate from Ningbo China to Singapore leaving his wife, his only son and 6 daughters behind.

In Singapore, F L Hoe setup a piano business called Union Piano Co. and a branch in Malaysia (then known as Malaya) with a close relative. Not long after he successfully built his first piano in his workshop under the brand 'Kinner'. Unfortunately, F L Hoe's father was very ill and at the age of 48 he gave up everything in Singapore and return to China.

By 1850s, Shanghai already had a piano shop, Moutrie, Robinson & Co.. It was a first British piano company started business in Shanghai with the sale and maintenance of pianos. The pianos enjoyed great recognition and eventually assembled pianos around 1870 in Shanghai and were export throughout Southern Asian countries.

His son, Hoe Ah Choy, joined Moutrie, Robinson & Co., operating in Shanghai working as a piano apprentice. In 1936, A C Hoe at the age of 25, was sent to Malaysia (then known as Malaya) working as a tuner and repairer for Moutrie, Robinson & Co..

Moutrie, Robinson & Co. closed down in the early 1950s, as did other foreign companies in Shanghai. And, in 1951, A C Hoe and his wife setup Wagner Piano Co. at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (then known as Batu Road) selling pianos imported from United Kingdom such as Kemble, J & J Hopkinson, Rogers, Bentley, John Brinsmead, Leswien and Zender and established WAGNER piano.

He started piano assembling from semi-completed form from United Kingdom and later from Germany and Japan with the help of his children. As the demand grows the shop became too small and in 1960, the company moved to a larger premise at Jalan Dang Wangi (then known as Campbell Road) and later at Jalan Imbi. There, he went one step further producing piano cabinets locally in order to stay competitive.

In 1969, the eldest son and his siblings were sent on tour of piano factories in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Korea, Japan and Taiwan to study the techniques of piano construction. In 1972, Musical Product Sdn Bhd at Lahat Perak was setup manufacturing pianos under license of English and German marques. On the 16 April 1975, Wagner Piano Co. was renamed to Wagner Piano Sdn Bhd. Soon after, branch offices were setup in various states and appointed over 20 dealers across Malaysia.

In 1980s, Wagner Petrof Piano Pte Ltd (formerly known as Petrof Piano House) was formed in Singapore as exclusive agent of WAGNER, PETROF, WEINBACH, ROSLER & SCHOLZE pianos for Southeast Asia and Australasia.

Today, Wagner Piano Sdn Bhd has grown into one of the most reputable piano retailer and the sole distributor of some of the world's top instrument brands in Malaysia and a comprehensive after-sales service for almost all types of grand and upright pianos.

Wagner Piano Sdn Bhd also offer music books, accessories and lessons for children and adults.


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