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1) Any product brought in for services, repairs or replacements are guaranteed for 12 months. This guarantee does not apply to and/or failure caused by the followings:-
normal maintenance works such as tuning, regulation and the results of normal wear
damage caused by exposure to extremes in temperature or humidity which can result in cracks, sticky, checks or discoloration in the finish
damage caused by pest: inserts or small animals
damage caused by products plug in other than 220V, fire, earthquake, flood, thunder light and other natural disasters
abnormal strain, neglect, abuse, modification or accidental damage.

2) This guarantee is null and void if any of the following conditions occurs:-
failure to provide reasonable, necessary and proper care and maintenance
performed by improperly trained or unauthorized dealer/technician
the serial number has been altered or removed or the piano itself has been altered in any way from the factory standards
in the event that you sell the product(s)
product(s) used and/or shipped outside of Malaysia

3) WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD reserves the right to change the guarantee period without prior notice and without incurring obligation and expressly disclaim all guarantees not stated in this guarantee.

4) The Customer shall be responsible to delivery & collection of the product(s) to & from WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD. On request, delivery can be provided by WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD subject to availability and the cost shall be borne by the Customer.

5) WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD will not be held responsible for:-
any loss or damages whatsoever for any product sent to us for services, repairs, replacements or storage caused by riot and strike, fire, flood, explosion, or any other acts of God
any product returns lost during transit
• a
ny consequential loss or undue delay in service, repairs or replacements and reserve the right to utilize parts manufactured by other than the original manufacturer in instances where original parts are no longer obtainable

6) WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD will notify the Customer upon completion of ‘work’ by telephone, SMS or email and will have 14 days to respond. Any product left beyond 14 days will be subject to a storage fee of RM10.00 per day.

7) The term of payment is CASH, CHEQUE (subject to clearance) or CARD. Release of any product shall be effected at WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD’s premises upon full payment of the charges and in the event that full payment is not made, WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD will have the right to refuse the release of any product.

8) WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD shall release the product’s to the bearer of this receipt. In the event that the receipt cannot be produced, WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD may at its discretion (if reasonably satisfied with the identity of the Customer) release the product’s to the Customer. This release will be at the Customer’s own risk.

9) It is the condition of this contract that any product not claimed after 1 year from the date of notification when they are deposited with WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD failing which the Customer is deemed to have repudiated the contract whereupon WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD is entitles to take such measures as it considers necessary to dispose of the product(s) or otherwise deal with them, with or without prior notice.

10) In the event that WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD decides to sell the product(s), WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD is entitled to deduct from the sale proceeds any amount due to WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD for the repair costs, storage charges or any other amount whatsoever due from the Customer to WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD in respect of the products and surplus sale proceeds after such deducted shall be deemed forfeited by the Customer. WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD reserves the right to claim from the Customer any amounts which remain owing from the Customer to WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD after the deduction from the sale of proceeds in the event of a shortfall.

11) The Customer shall check their product(s) thoroughly at the time of collection or delivery. Any complaints regarding delivery, repair or other works must be registered in writing to WAGNER PIANO SDN BHD on the same day of collection or delivery on the Delivery Order/Job Order. No claim shall be entertained thereafter, the Customer shall be deemed to have examined the product(s) and to have accepted them in good condition and free from any defect.

Should you have any questions please write to:-

203, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
E: info@wagnerpiano.com.my

We look forward to be of service to you

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